About Us

Ercan Chemical İndustry Company and Trade İnc has Started with the dealership of turkish’s chemical company leader AK-KİM chemistry/Yalova. It was founded in 1990 in Gaziantep and has developed its sales activities in Turkey's different locations over time. İn 2000, Ercanlar Chemical Company / took place in Küsget and has started to grown up in the industrial zone.


In 2006, Ercan Chemical İndustry began to produce softeners, and in 2015 has started production of other Chemical for textile auxiliaries. Now we are continuing our activity in 2000 m2 closed area beside the İndustrial zone and with facilities of 8332 m2 open area and 4500 m2 closed area in the zone of Küsget. We provide services in logistics and marketing with our own tankers, pickup, trucks and 5 passenger vehicles.